Beginner Lessons

The Princeton Bridge Club is offering free beginner bridge lessons this semester. The lessons are open to anyone, even if you are not associated with Princeton. Email if you are interested in classes next semester. Also, please email with any comments if you read the lessons below. (Even if you don't have any comments, I'd be interested to know if anybody reads them.)

See also this highly recommended ACBL lesson software.

NEW: All the lessons can now be found in this book, including the latest lesson on declarer play.

In the past, we have followed this curriculum, though the order of the lessons is subject to change. (All the below lessons are also be contained in the book above.)

Lesson One: Rules of Bridge.

Lesson Two: 1NT Opening Bid and Responses.

Lesson Three: Major Suit Opening Bids and Responses.

Lesson Four: Minor Suit Opening Bids and Responses.

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