The Contact Lens Industry: Structure, Competition, and Public Policy

NTIS order #PB85-204451

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Full Report ~427K
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Table of Contents ~13K

1: Summary ~23K
2: The Development of Contact Lenses ~24K
3: Types of Contact Lenses and Their Characteristics ~40K
4: Wearers, Prices, and Sources of Payment ~38K
5: Producers of Contact Lenses ~109K
6: 6 Contact Lens Prescribers and Dispensers ~38K
7: The Role of Federal Policy ~46K

A: FDA Approved Contact Lenses and Current Prices ~25K
B: Major Contact Lens Manufacturers, Methods of Entry, and Acquisitions and License Agreements ~22K
C: Glossary of Terms and Acronyms ~11K
D: Acknowledgments and Health Program Advisory Committee ~14K
References ~60K