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A letter from a reader about Darwinism and atheism

April 20, 2006

I profoundly disagree with President Tilghman's opinion that “we must, for starters, avoid the suggestion that science and faith are mutually exclusive – they are different manifestations of the human experience. As long as we maintain an unambiguous distinction between science and religion, neither domain should feel threatened by the other.”

According to Francis Crick in his great book, What Mad Pursuit , science is fundamentally hostile to religion. Science deals with empirical evidence, skepticism, and experiment while religion deals with worship, true faith, and prayer.

Do religious people really believe in a supernatural realm or anything that transcends the material world? Then why do they not perform sound experiments to discover whether there is anything to their beliefs?

Does Darwinism suggest that theism is false and atheism is true? Both Francis Crick and Bishop Wilberforce seemed to believe that Darwinism promotes atheism. Does science contradict religion and perhaps threaten the continued existence of the human species, mired in ignorance, greed, and self-delusion?


Marietta , Ga.

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