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A letter from a reader about Rowing on Lake Carnegie

August 10, 2006

Your article (Notebook, May 10) on Andrew Carnegie’s donation and construction of Lake Carnegie evoked memories of many happy, strenuous hours rowing with the 150-pound crew. One amusing recollection is of the longtime boathouse rigger, who lived and breathed rowing. In an effort to interest beginners in rowing, he would encourage them to try out singles gigs, which, while still not as precarious as single shells, were very likely to tip over. Invariably, the beginner would row out about one or two hundred yards from the dock and tip over, completely surprised to find himself standing in water only 3 1/2 feet deep. Immediately, the rigger would grab a megaphone and yell to the surprised beginner, “Don’t move. You are standing on a sandbar!” After a reasonable time, the rigger took a rowboat or a launch, if available, out to rescue the drenched, prospective rower.

I hope that some old oarsman, if he reads this, can remember the rigger’s name. He was an institution at the boathouse.


Great Falls, Mont.

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