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A letter from a reader about The ‘misstep’ on wrestling

August 10, 2006

Harold Shapiro *64’s confession that eliminating the men’s wrestling team in 1993 was a “misstep” (Notebook, April 5) will pass with little fanfare. It is nevertheless worth noting that the hundreds of alumni who expressed support for wrestling at the time considered the decision more of a blunder than a misstep and, along with me, take satisfaction in seeing for the first time in print the University’s admission that the decision was a mistake. We left this chapter in Princeton’s sports history behind us when Coach [Michael] New took over and helped the Tiger wrestlers claw their way back to new respectability and now look forward to the next chapter beginning with the appointment of Chris Ayres (Lehigh ’99) as Princeton’s 10th wrestling coach.


Former chairman, Friends of Princeton Wrestling
Pittstown, N.J.

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