A letter from a reader about Supporting Dillard and Xavier

December 10, 2005

The potential closure of both Dillard University and Xavier University, two traditional all-black universities, because of the damages incurred by Hurricane Katrina, would have long-term implications for the future of the United States. Both universities excelled at encouraging the development of a strong African-American business and professional class, a class badly needed in the African-American community and by the United States.

As a Princeton alumnus and current Louisiana resident, I want to commend Princeton and Brown for their joint effort to help Dillard University (Notebook, Oct. 5). However, we need even more Ivy League institutions to join the effort and save Xavier as well. The rebuilding of these universities is not only in the best interest of their students, but the future generations of the United States.

I am glad to see that Princeton has demonstrated the vision and leadership to help save these important institutions, and I hope that more institutions will join in the effort.

Beverly Hills, Calif.


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