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Last update: August 10, 2006
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Recalling professors who were mentors
Exceptional faculty members who taught their subjects -- and life.

Feb 15 issuePAW forum: Princeton admissions and "The Chosen"
Read what alumni are saying about Jerome Karabel's book about Ivy League admissions and former admission dean Fred Hargadon's response.

Read an excerpt of "The Chosen"

Alumni letters

Fred Hargadon's response

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From reader to alumni:

From students to alumni:

From alumni to alumni:

Of or about the campus:

Letters reflecting on Princeton:

World affairs:

Issues raised by articles in PAW:

Mushing and pet care
Supporting Dillard and Xavier
Inviting, and honoring, are different
Call it ‘unintelligent design'
Darwinism and atheism
Larger type for Tilghman
A threat to magical thinking
Admiration for Tilghman
Offering another translation *
Memories of Edith Wilson *
An honorary classmate *
Iraq and ‘our nation’s service’ *
Don’t mock a fellow creature *
The ‘misstep’ on wrestling *
Rowing on Lake Carnegie *
A poetic experience on the ice *
An insult to servicemen *
The intelligent design/evolution debate *
Evolution and modern medicine *

In response to letters in PAW: 

Princeton and the fight on terror
Enlisting in the Army
Cosby, Dyson, and personal responsibility
A flood of evolutionary insights
An embarrassing view
Don't suppress intellectual curiosity
Philosophical inquiry vs. scientific pedagogy
Researching the Veterans of Future  Wars *
Debating philosophy, not data *
Evidence of unintelligent design *


Dean Finch’s ‘kindly guidance’
Professors who were mentors


Related to PAW itself:

A better word choice *


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