Eden: A Ludlow Type

ludlow type archive2.jpg

In July 1929, Douglas McMurtrie, director of typography at the Ludlow Typograph Company in Chicago, wrote to Elmer Adler in New York City to say “we are sending you enclosed herewith a newly-issued booklet showing a few of the distinctive ornaments and borders in matrix form offered by the Ludlow Typography Company.”

The Ludlow Typograph Company was founded in 1906 by inventor William I. Ludlow and machinist William A. Reade. From 1912, they marketed a typecasting system called the typograph, specializing in large headline fonts. For a complete description of the company, see the wonderful article by Fred Williams.


Whether Adler purchased their fonts is unknown but he carefully stored the booklet in a box with his other Ludlow type specimen books. This box turned up recently and we opened it to find a treasure-trove of type.

One of the specimen books is labeled “Eden,” here are a few pages from that booklet.

ludlow type archive3.jpg
ludlow type archive4.jpg
ludlow type archive5.jpg
ludlow type archive6.jpg

See a video of the typograph, posted by the International Printing Museum and their Ludlow Project.